Elmswell Youth FC

EYFC 4 Point Philosophy


1) We will compete at all levels & aim to win, but not at the expense of 2, 3 or 4. We will win fairly, professionally & show RESPECT at all times.

2) Where possible, all players will get fair playing time. EYFC feel this is vital through all of the age groups for the inclusion & development of every player. It supports our belief that ‘Every Youth Footballer Counts’.

3) Rotation of positions. EYFC believes in this approach & wants players to learn the skills required for a number of positions on the pitch as opposed to being labelled ‘just a right back’ or ‘just an attacker’. Rotating positions increases the opportunity for players to develop as all round footballers. At the 11v11 age groups players can become more specialised & benefit from position specific coaching.

4) Play through the thirds. EYFC wishes to develop children that are comfortable with the ball at their feet, who do not panic & feel the need to hit it long & ‘clear it’ at every opportunity. Developing this kind of player takes time & they will benefit from this approach in the long term.

EYFC where ‘Every Youth Footballer Counts

As an FA Charter Standard Club EYFC is changing the way it’s players play football.

See the FA’s poster for more details.

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We support the FA's Respect Campaign.