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Safeguarding Children Workshops

This workshop is a requirement for all FA qualified managers, coaches, welfare officers, referees and medics. It is not just for the mentioned persons, the workshop is available to anyone who wishes to attend.

For dates and venues click on the link to the courses webpage or contact Mike Phillips on 01449 776315 or email mike.phillips@suffolkfa.com

Welfare Officer Workshops

The Welfare Officer Workshop is a requirement for all club and league welfare officers

Prerequisites: Welfare officers must complete the Safeguarding Children Workshop to gain a basic awareness of safeguarding before attending the Welfare Officer Workshop.

They also must have successfully completed an FA CRC Enhanced Disclosure. For dates and venues please click on the relevant link or contact Mike Phillips on 01449 776315 or email mike.phillips@suffolkfa.com


The Respect Programme and Safeguarding Children

Respect is The FA’s programme to combat unacceptable behaviour – both on and off the pitch. Aggressive adult behaviour is one of the main reasons why young players, coaches and referees drop out from football. Find out what you can do to ensure ‘Respect’ is part of your football by contacting Suffolk FA’s lead Respect officer, Darryn Marsh, on 01449 776319 or 07572 107791 or email safeguarding@suffolkfa.com





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We support the FA's Respect Campaign.